How to style 10 different areas of your home

Styling your home can be a daunting task, but where you place furniture and how you decorate can have an impact on your living space.

Here are a few key things you can do to help improve the look and feel of the main areas of your home.

1. Entrance area

No matter how small or large your front entry is, it’s a good idea to furnish the area.  This will give you somewhere to put down the mail or car keys and a sitting space for things like taking shoes off.


Style your entrance to create an area where things can be put down when you come in the front door.

A dedicated front room or entrance foyer can provide the space for simple furnishings such as chairs and side tables.

If space is tight, a slimline bench seat and a small stool or table can be placed in a hallway.

2. Lounge room

Your lounge room should feel open yet cosy at the same time. It’s important to position the couches and chairs so that they are close enough to encourage conversation.

The trick is to not have a seated guest with their back to the rest of the open-plan room.


Place the furniture in a way that encourages conversation.

Use rugs to signal where the lounge room zone sits in an open-plan area. In fact, two rugs can be layered on top of each other to great effect.

Also, consider a cluster of coffee tables in place of one large one.

If possible, try to locate the TV on a wall which doesn’t make it the statement piece in the room.

3. Dining room

A statement pendant light or a chandelier can look great when hung over a dining table.


Pendant lights hung over a table look great.

It not only highlights the space as something special, but it also helps to set the mood with more muted lighting than traditional downlights provide.

A built-in bench seat is also handy as it requires less space.

4. Kitchen

With so many hard surfaces in a kitchen try to soften the space with some greenery, fruit, wooden chopping boards and cook books.

home staging

Soften the hard edges in the kitchen with greenery or flowers.

An open shelf can also make this space feel more inviting.

5. Master bedroom

Layer the bed with more than just a basic sheet set, doona cover and two pillows.

Use multiple pillows, feature cushions and a throw for the end of the bed. If you have the room, a bench seat at the foot of the bed looks great too.


Style your master bedroom with luxurious cushions and throws.

Wherever possible, don’t push the side of your bed against a wall, centre it off a wall so you can walk around both sides.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bedhead, a beautiful piece of artwork can do the job.

6. A child’s bedroom

The focus here needs to be on making the room feel special so that your child will want to spend time there alone.

Lots of colour and textures are needed in this space.


Different colours and textures add interest in a child’s bedroom.

Look for fun floating shelves that hold books and toys. Soft rugs will also encourage play time on the floor.

7. Bathroom

Fluffy fresh towels in a complementary colour palette are probably the easiest thing you can do to style a bathroom along with some small greenery, like succulents and sweet smelling candles.


Wooden stools look great in a bathroom.

A wooden stool also adds a sense of luxury.

8. Laundry/powder room

If you can add a toilet to your laundry and combine it with clever styling, that space can be transformed into a pretty powder room for guests.


A laundry can be transformed into a powder room for guests.

This works particularly well in houses with bathrooms located away from the entertaining area.

Get your electrician to install a pretty pendant light over the sink. Add a mirror, luxury soaps, fresh flowers and a candle to finish the look.

9. Outdoor deck

Aim to make your deck or porch feel like an outside room by adding soft furnishings you’d usually expect to find in a lounge room.


Add soft furnishings to give your outdoor room a personal touch.

Rugs are a great addition outside as are cushions, coffee tables and large potted plants.


10. Dead space

Look around your home for an opportunity to turn a dead space – perhaps under the stairs – into something useful.


Turn a dead space into a reading nook.

Add some cushions, faux fur throws and even a wall sconce to transform it into a little reading book.

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